Daylight Savings


In Alberta, proposed legislation that would have ended the practice of time change won overwhelming support in August when the public was asked to weigh in on the idea. Of the 13,000 submissions received, 75 per cent were in favor of scrapping the system. However, the Alberta legislature shot down the idea this week after an all-party committee said the impact on business would be too onerous. As a business owner, we would like to know your opinion?

Answer Choices:

    • Yes, I agree with Legislation. As a business owner cancelling the time change would have a negative impact on my business.
    • No, I do not agree.  Cancelling the time change would have no negative impact, in fact, I would prefer there was no time change.
    • I have no preference. This does not affect my business either way.
    • If you answered YES, please share how it would impact your business.


    • “This business is highly seasonal outdoor oriented. We have customers trying to use every minute of daylight they can get…. Without daylight saving we would have to extend our staff’s hours to accommodate the early morning sales we get.”
    • “As a business working with children in after school hours, the extra daylight in the evenings helps the kids to stay more alert especially as spring is the busiest time of year for our industry.”
    • “Many of our customers are seniors, who do not want to come to shop in the dark which it will be by 4 pm in a couple of weeks.”
    • “My preference would actually be to leave daylight savings time on all year. 4:30 sunsets in December and January are detrimental to the work day.”
    • “Why would we want to be different than most of North America . You say the majority were in favor of cancelling it who were these people, most people in business didn’t reply as they thought no government would be that incompetent enough to cancel it especially since the news said that Rachel Motley but it on hold.”