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Fresh Hope Counselling – Get to Know Your Stony Plain Road

October 10, 2020 was World Mental Health Day. We spoke with Beth Murray from Fresh Hope Counselling Ltd. located at 16406 100 Avenue, about her business and the importance of staying on top of mental health. 

“October 10th is just one reminder of the daily importance of advocating for mental health and unfortunately, there is still some stigma related to seeking help for mental health reasons,” Beth tells us, “This is something we must actively work to reduce and speak against; the more we normalize mental health as being part of our overall medical wellness, we create a much stronger and healthier society.” 

Beth is a Registered Psychologist and Co-Owner/Founder of Fresh Hope Counselling Ltd. along with her husband, Glenn Scheideman, who is the Office Administrator. Beth has been doing counselling for 22 years and specializes in eating disorders and chronic pain. 

Beth and Glenn started Fresh Hope Counselling in January of 2007, where it was just Beth doing counselling and providing psychological services. In 2009, Glenn was considering a career change, he offered to join Beth as the Office Administrator, which is his area of expertise. Over the next while, the two realized they were referring a lot of potential clients to other counselling agencies. 

“I talked with Glenn about how I wished someone would have given me an opportunity to come along-side of them and build a clientele rather than slugging away in private practice all by myself,” states Beth. 

The couple agreed that Fresh Hope Counselling could be a place of help, support and a resource to their clients. They brought on a former colleague of Beth’s that she had done Domestic Violence Groups with and within a few months, they had more client inquiries than could be managed by the two of them. 

Over the years, the businesses have added a number of Psychologists/Mental Health Therapists who have fit their vision to provide help, hope and healing. 

“We view out business as a family atmosphere, where we all work together to support one another and the clients that come our way,” states Beth. 

Fresh Hope Counselling now has two locations – their main office (16404 100 Avenue NW)  and (1210, 6958 76 Avenue) on the South side. The business now had four Registered Psychologists, a Master’s Level Social Worker, a Canadian Certified Counsellor, a Registered Dietician who specializes in treating disorders, and a full-time administration support person to assist Glenn. 

Fresh Hope Counselling got possession of the business condo in West Edmonton Commerce Park on March 31, 2020! Just in time for COVID-19 to shut down their need for space. Luckily, the business has been able to transition back into a mix of in-person and video-conference sessions. The business offers a variety of counselling services. Since they have a variety of staff, they can cover virtually any area of need for counselling. Extended health benefits usually cover at least one of their providers and they work with children, adolescents, adults and seniors – in either individual, couples or family counselling. 

“Although we saw a drop in counselling appointments in the first month or two after the start of COVID-19, the pendulum has swung to an increased need for mental health supports and the anxiety and unknown aspects of the pandemic have been very difficult for many people,” says Beth. 

Counselling has many helpful impacts, Beth tells us, it gives an objective perspective, provides a professional and experienced listener who will help guide you through the struggles you are facing, equips a person with effective skills and education, and supports you so that you are not alone. The Fresh Hope Counselling team has a wide breadth of experience in helping people with almost any stress, disorder, grief/loss and transition. They are strong believers in the essential nature of hope – hence the name, Fresh Hope. If life circumstances are disrupting your relationships, work, or personal life (or ability to enjoy life) it may be helpful to seek counselling. 

Fresh Hope Counselling is available by phone at 780.487.3456, email at or online at 

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