How Can You Still Support Local While Social Distancing?

We all know to support local YEG businesses in our day to day lives, but with COVID-19 affecting everything we do, how can we keep safe and still support our local businesses? Here are 9 suggestions on how to continue supporting local during COVID-19.

1. Pick up meals to freeze from your favourite restaurant. Freezing meals for a later date is both practical and supportive! This is especially important if you find you and your family in self-isolation. Just open up the freezer and pop your meal in the microwave or oven for a quick meal!

2. Order local meals from small mom and pop shops via Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats. It doesn’t matter what your choice of food delivery apps are, ordering meals to your home is an easy way to not leave your house and still support those restaurants who would otherwise lose your business! There are also non-contact options through the apps where you can have your driver drop your meal off on a front doorstep instead of handing it to your directly.

3. Tip well. If you are healthy enough to do so, and you are eating out at a restaurant, or even if you are ordering delivery, make sure you tip your servers and drivers well! Your tip will go a long way for everyone involved!

4. Purchase gift cards to use later. By purchasing gift cards to your local shops and restaurants now, you are helping them to stay afloat and investing in yourself for a later date.

5. Stock up on entertainment. If you will be spending extended time at home, you may find yourself bored. Stop by your local bookstore, comic bookstore or game store and stock up on your favourite activity! Like to sew or knit? Now’s the time to start that new project. Is painting your thing? Grab your supplies from a local art shop. Even if you haven’t tried a hobby before, what better time to try something new?

6. Give back with your words. With free time on your hands, this would be a great time to support local by leaving reviews for your favourite local establishments around Edmonton. Whether its google reviews, yelp or Facebook, reviews can make or break a business. Writing a review can take 5 minutes but will have a huge impact!

7. Send a note. Similar to leaving reviews, another way to really show YEG businesses your support is to send them a note! Now, if snail mail isn’t your style, message your favourite shop or restaurant on Facebook or Instagram, tweet at them. Show them that you care and that you appreciate their business. Spread kindness and optimism!

8. Shop online or call over the phone. It seems like most shopping nowadays is done online, but instead of Amazon being your go to online retailer, check and see if any local retailers are selling your item of interest online. Many local businesses have online shops where you can buy goods without even leaving your own bed! Alternatively, some businesses are also taking orders over the phone for pickup or delivery, so reach out and see if this is something a local business can accommodate for you!

9. Sick? Stay home! Service industry professionals don’t really have the ability to work from home. If you are presenting flu-like symptoms, have been in contact with someone with the virus, or have been outside of the country in the last 14 days, please take appropriate precautions.

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