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Stony Plain Road and Area Business Improvement Area

FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

What is a BIA?

      • A BIA is a Business Improvement Area. In June 1983, the Province of Alberta passed legislation that allows municipalities to establish Business Revitalization Zones.
      • A BIA is a non-profit association of business owners that join together to promote and improve the economic vitality of their business district. A BIA can be used to enhance streetscape improvements, carry out joint promotions and festivals, and promote economic development initiatives.
      • A BIA organization receives funding through a special levy that is added to each business tax assessment.
      • Worldwide there are approximately 1200 Business Improvement Areas of like Business Improvement Areas. Approximately 348 of these Business Improvement Areas are in Canada.
      • There are currently 13 Business Improvement Areas in the City of Edmonton. They are: Alberta Avenue Business Association, Beverly Business Association, Chinatown and Area Business Association, Downtown Business Association, The French Quarter Business Improvement Area, Fort Road Business Association, The Crossroads Business Improvement Area Association, Kingsway Business Association, Northedge Business Association, Northwest Industrial Business Association, Old Strathcona Business Association, Stony Plain Road Business Association, and 124th Street and Area Business Association.
      • The main purpose of a BIA is revitalize and maintain a dynamic commercial area and promote the area as a business or retail destination.
      • The mandate of a BIA is to encourage the economic and physical improvement of local businesses through beautification and maintenance of streetscapes, buildings and structures in the area, and to promote the area as a business and shopping district.
      • Some strategies BIAs use to achieve their goals are:
        – Maintenance: sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal, etc
        – Special Events and Festivals
        – Marketing and Economic Development: Websites, promotional materials, signage and banners, etc
        – Regulatory Advocacy and Bylaw Enforcement
        – Business Recruitment
        – Parking and Transportation management
        – Public Spaces
        – Streetscaping and Capital Improvements
        – Improving Open Spaces: Parks, greens spaces, etc

How is a BIA established?

BIA’s are established at the request of the local business community where there is a request signed by persons who would be taxpayers in the proposed zone and who represent at least 25 percent of the businesses.

Who is a Member of a BIA?

Every business owner within the prescribed boundaries is automatically included in the membership and contributes to the BIA’s budget.

Who sits on the BIA Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is composed of volunteers – business owners, property owners, community residents and other interested individuals who are nominated by a BIA levy payer and elected at the Annual General Meeting.

How does the BIA levy work?

The levy is determined by the annual budget and is divided amongst the membership based on size of business. The levy has a minimum of $150 and maximum of $2000 per year.

What benefit does a BIA provide?

    • Ensures ongoing cooperation among the members of the business community.
    • Allows businesses to collectively solve problems.
    • Improves lines of communication between the business community, municipal staff and City Council.
    • Cost savings to the business members through promotional activities and integration of capital funding.
    • A dedicated source of revenue for provision of services and physical improvements.

How can I get involved in the BIA?

    • Volunteer as a Board of Director.
    • Attend the Annual General Meeting held in the fall of every year.
    • Support ongoing events and functions via volunteering or participation.
    • Provide us with current email address for regular news updates.
    • Update your business information on our website.
    • Visit the BIA website regularly and participate in forums, share your ideas.
    • Support the local newspaper “The S.P.U.R.R.”
    • Drop in and visit the BIA office.

Who do I contact for further information?

Phone: (780) 477-5169
Visit: #336, 10045 – 156 Street (The Orange Hub), Edmonton