Speeding Through Summer with Revolution Cycle

  For Jesse Aronyk, Revolution Cycle, located at 15103 Stony Plain Road, is more than a bike shop, it’s home. In 1991, Aronyk’s father, Dennis, and his father’s older brother, Al, founded Revolution Cycle. Al has since retired, but Dennis remains in the office and on the sales floor daily. The concept of the shop was simple; to create a bicycle shop and hub for the cycling community that didn’t exist yet. Their mission was to build a store that catered to beginners and enthusiasts alike, while housing the largest inventory within the bike industry. Nearly 30 years later, they have brought that vision to life while exceeding their own expectations. 

Revolution Cycle provides a number of different services to the community including a full service repair shop, spin classes, rentals, maintenance courses, a party venue for renting as well as selling bicycle related things such as bikes, accessories, clothing, tools and parts. It is truly a one stop shop! 

“Revolution Cycle has always been unique due to its physical size and large inventory,” Aronyk tells us, “But this year we developed a new online store that truly sets us apart from any of our competitors.” Shopping online with Revolution Cycle has never been easier! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created some challenges for the store, but they have already come out stronger since the start of it all. Their hours have been cut down, and they have created a line up outside the store for any customers wanting to come inside and shop. Revolution Cycle have taken many precautions to limit people in the store, and create a safer shopping experience. This has resulted in a smoother buying experience for their customers. Once a customer is let inside the store, they will be assigned a salesperson who will walk them through every step of the sale. This ensures the customer finds exactly what they need in a more efficient way rather than just browsing and guessing.

The online store has made life easier for customers who prefer to not shop in public, and they can also request curbside pickup or delivery of their items. Overall, the pandemic has created a buying surge for bikes and bicycle related products! 

“We have never been busier, and our stock is getting low, but luckily we were able to secure several shipments of quality bikes to replenish the stock for Edmontonians with any budget to come and shop,” states Aronyk. 

Shopping local during times like this is very important to Revolution Cycle as it keeps locally owned companies from going out of business. 

“Keeping these businesses open prevents massive corporations from taking over all of Edmonton’s fun and unique small businesses,” says Aronyk.

For a full list of Revolution Cycle’s product and service offerings, you can visit their website.

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