Stony Plain Road Business Association Update – January 5, 2021

Stony Plain Road Business Association Welcomes new Recruitment Specialist! 

Here at SPR we are happy to welcome our new Recruitment Specialist, James Wilson to our team! Here is a bit more about James: 

“Before immigrating to Edmonton in 2013, I grew up in a large town in Northern England called Middlesbrough. My parents tell me that the reason we moved to Canada was so that we would have a better quality of life. So far, living in Edmonton has been an amazing experience that has allowed me to meet people that I will have in my life forever. I am extremely passionate about business because it relies on many moving parts that are crucial to achieving an end result. I would say I’m an extremely curious individual that likes to ask questions about pretty much everything in order to gain more knowledge. In my spare time, I love to cook new meals that I have never tried before. My goal in life is to visit as many countries as possible so that I can experience different cultures from around the world.”

YEG Business Recovery Program (Exclusive to BIA Members) 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted small businesses in unparalleled ways. As you navigate this challenging time, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Your BIA & Business Link have teamed up to get you the help you need. This program is exclusively for members of the Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) in Edmonton. You will receive access to:

  • Live webinars and virtual workshops hosted by business experts on a wide range of topics, including innovative approaches to boosting your business, managing cash flow, and HR. These events have been designed so that you’ll walk away with tactics you can implement today.
  • On-demand access to webinar and workshop recordings, available exclusively to BIA members.
  • Select businesses will receive up to 5 hours of one-on-one coaching with a dedicated Business Link Strategist who’s also an entrepreneur.

Your access to all of this is free, and brought to you in partnership with your BIA, Business Link, and the City of Edmonton. Stronger together, stronger tomorrow. 


Updated Business Resources

Paid Sick Leave
If one or several of your employees need to self-isolate or quarantine due to being a close contact or being tested positive for COVID-19, they can apply for the federal paid sick leave benefit. This means that small business owners don’t have to pay wages while their employees are in mandated quarantine. this benefit is limited to two weeks total and only for those that were scheduled to work. 


Small & Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant – Second Payment 
To support Alberta’s small businesses as they adapt to the realities of the ongoing public health crisis, the Alberta government is expanding and increasing the Small and Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant. With a new lower threshold and increased grant amount, up to 15,000 more businesses may be eligible for funding. Additionally, the program is now expanding to include job creators who have experienced a 30% revenue loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


City of Edmonton Economic Recovery Grant 
This grant has been created to support the immediate needs and recovery efforts for Edmonton’s businesses impacted by COVID-19. Businesses and organizations can apply anytime. Applications are reviewed weekly.


Support Local, Shop Safe Toolkit and Messaging
This social media campaign gives local businesses additional support in attracting customers this holiday season while building customer and client confidence in shopping safely. Businesses can also access an online resource kit, which includes window signs, digital banners for social media and other ideas they can use to remind customers that they are supporting a proud, Edmonton-based business that’s ready to serve them safely.


Bi-Weekly Update – November 10, 2020

Lindork’s #AdoptAShopYEG: Neighbourhood Hop

Linda Hoang, or @Lindork on social media, is putting on her second #AdopAShopYEG event. From November 9-12, 2020, nominate a small business that could use the support during this time. 

Nominate a business here

From November 13 – 22, 2020, sign up to one (or more) itineraries and commit to spending at least $60 in each neighbourhood. Shop, support and win! (ATB Financial will be randomly gifting participants $100 visa gift cards.

Learn more info about this initiative here

Support local and nominate your favourite SPR small business! 

Light-Up Your SPR Storefront Contest! 

Have you heard about our SPR Festive Light-Up Contest? 

We’re encouraging our Stony Plain Road businesses to help light-up the area this winter! 

Here’s how the contest works: 

  • Contact us at the SPR Business Association and let us know what you are interested in participating and if you have social media, so we can promote your business. 
  • Take a picture with your storefront lit up, send it to us and we will send you $50 to help with the cost and time of making our area brighter! We do not need copies of your receipts, just a picture when your decorating is done. 
  • We will share these pictures on social media to create some buzz and award some prizes! 

Prizing: People’s Choice Prize ($300) – Voted on through social media, Most Creative Prize ($500), and You Light Up My Life Prize ($200) (2nd Place) 

The Storefront Light-Up Contest will run from November 27, 2020 to January 2, 2021. If you wish to leave your lights up earlier or later than these dates, that’s fine! 

If you would like to participate in the contest, or if you have any questions, please reach out to You can also reach out to this email if your business is not receiving the Stony Plain Road BA E-Newsletter! Stay informed with monthly news and updates!

Making Edmonton Digital – Free to SPR Businesses

We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with the University of Alberta, School of Retailing to include as many businesses from the area in a city-wide project to make Edmonton digital! 

Making Edmonton Digital is a program that aims to empower businesses to adopt digital technology in their business through one-on-one assistance and accessible online tools, in collaboration with Digital Main Street. Digital Main Street is an online platform that offers a variety of tools of digital assessment, transformation courses and workshops. The program is funded through the City of Edmonton. 

In addition to Digital Main Street services, the program will give you access to the Digital Service Team, who will offer 10 hours of digital consulting; creating transformation plans to small businesses through working with an interdisciplinary team of marketing professionals, web designers and creators. This team will offer tailor made plans for deep digital transformation and give each business owner the tools to maintain their upgraded online presence. These transformation plans will help to create new businesses models, develop and implement digital marketing strategies; maximize digital tools and more. The Digital Service Teams program will provide free and direct support to businesses, while providing on the job training to the teams of students and recent graduates.

Please reach out to us at to be connected with our Making Edmonton Digital Representative or to learn more about the program! Or you can visit