Wayfinding Update from The City of Edmonton!

Wayfinding Update from The City of Edmonton!

Over the last several years, the City has been developing pedestrian wayfinding signage to help visitors to our main streets explore our business areas and better understand connections to transit and recreation.  

This summer and fall, signage was installed Downtown, in Strathcona and on Stony Plain Road.  There is also a separate program that is improving signage in the River Valley Parks, so if you have recently visited Buena Vista or Sir Wilfred Laurier Parks you will have noticed new wayfinding signage there.

The signs recently installed in the pedestrian core of Stony Plain Road are primarily along the avenue as well as the Canora & 101 Street Greenways. They help orient  visitors to the business area and improve people’s knowledge of connections to the River Valley, as suggested in the plans of the Stony Plain Road Revitalization Strategy. 

You may have noticed a few fingerpost signs popping up, and we have also repurposed some of the existing monoliths to host new wayfinding maps as part of the street renewal. The fingerposts provide nudges to important local destinations showing how many minutes it will take to walk there.The map-based signs help visitors visualize the whole area and some of the local destinations that they might not be aware of.

In concert with the signage, the City has also launched a new digital map focussed on active transportation and recreation called DiscoverYEG www.edmonton.ca/discover which is mobile friendly and allows users to customize the information they would like to see.

Digital and physical maps and signage are a simple way to help visitors explore your business areas with confidence.

For more information go to edmonton.ca/wayfinding 

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