Weekly COVID-19 Update – May 12, 2020

Our Weekly COVID-19 Updates are Moving to Bi-Weekly Updates! 

Over the last few months we have brought you weekly updates, bringing our members the latest from the city and the provincial and federal governments. With the phase one re-launch scheduled for May 14, we will be moving our updates to a bi-weekly posting. Rest assured, we will still bring you the latest information for your businesses! 

A Message From our Executive Director

What a challenging time the past two months have been, as we all have attempted to navigate COVID-19 and the issues surrounding the pandemic. During this time, I had many discussions with members regarding steps to take and what resources are available to businesses. I hope that our Weekly COVID-19 Updates have helped you maneuver ways and ideas to support you, your staff and your customers. 

The Province of Alberta has announced a three-step re-launch plan to being transitions back to normal to attempt to balance economic recovery and the safety of every Albertan. I know this is hard and many people have concerns about if we are moving too fast, while others want things back to where things were yesterday, right now. 

Stony Plain Road & Area BIA will be with you every step of the way as we discover what a new normal will look like. This will be a process that will take time and we also need to be cognizant that there is currently no vaccine for the virus. We will continue to provide you with vetted, verified information as soon as we can. We will also work with you collectively to help build consumer confidence for our area and to market our BIA as a safe, clean and, walkable area to do business and to patronize. I also want to share with you that is as diverse and eclectic as the businesses in our area are, so will be the approaches to the re-launch. We are here to support you in your decisions and to work with you so that you are able to make choices that are best for your business, staff and customers in a safe and transparent way. 

Your choices of when and how to re-open can be assisted by the new Alberta Government website:https://www.alberta.ca/biz-connect.aspx

This website will provide you guidance on re-opening and some sector specific support and will answer some additional questions you may have on PPEs as well. I ask you to reach out to us and let us know if you are opening soon, waiting a while, or opening with reduced hours and services. 

We are working on a re-launch plan, and hopefully in time, a campaign to welcome back and invite others to promote and support Stony Plain Road & Area that will continue to support your business as we transition. 

Be kind. Be safe. 

Todd Janes

Executive Director

BeHealthy Pharmacy Wants Patients to BeSafe and BeSmart, During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For owners of BeHealthy Pharmacy, Jack and Javed, their key focus is patient care. The pharmacy is proud to be accessible to health care professionals and to be able to provide excellent pharmacy services to their patients. Jack and Javed are both pharmacists with more than 5 years of experience in Alberta, and have been operating BeHealthy Pharmacy, located at 10120 149 St NW, since August of 2019. 

The pharmacy prides itself with always being ready to help their patients with a focus on:

– Seniors

– People with addictions and concerns about their mental health

– Complimentary home-based travel vaccinations

– Complimentary home-based counselling 

– Managing patient’s other health care needs. 

– Offering free medication delivery in Edmonton and greater surrounding areas. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak BeHealthy Pharmacy has taken the following precautions to stay within the Alberta Government’s guidelines: 

– Designating a quarantine room for patients that are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. This space is in an area of the pharmacy that does not have access to medications and is equipped with alcohol-based hand sanitizer and tissues. 

– Keeping alcohol-based hand sanitizer at each patient contact point in the pharmacy. 

– Implementing the use of transparent, physical barriers such as plexiglass at prescription drop-off and pick up areas.

– Covering whole dispensing area with plastic sheets to protect pharmacy staff and customers. 

– Encouraging physical distancing in the pharmacy by using signage/stickers/tape on the floor to instruct patients to approach the dispensary one at a time and to always leave a 2 meter distance between individuals. 

– Frequently disinfecting surfaces such as debit machines and door handles, all the while changing gloves frequently.

– Encouraging patients to ask for free delivery or curbside pickup to reduce foot traffic in the pharmacy. 

The pharmacy strives to educate and do assessments of all people entering the premises to protect everyone’s health and spread awareness to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Their goal is to protect staff and customers, specifically customers at a higher risk of catching COVID-19 such as people with asthma, COPD, heart conditions, seniors, and other 
immunocompromised patients. 

Having access to PPE’s like masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and more is one the biggest challenges for the public right now. That is why, BeHealty Pharmacy is providing free masks to their at risk patients to protect them from the pandemic and to educate them on necessary precautions. 

For Jack and Javed, they are going through a new normal with the current circumstances, with restrictions and precautions. They receive new health guidelines from WHO (World Health Organization) and Health Canada, everyday. As per new guidelines, Health Canada encourages everyone to use masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Wearing masks can help to prevent respiratory droplets from contaminating other people and surfaces. 

BeHealthy Pharmacy’s advice is to continue following public health guidelines such as physical distancing, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and going for groceries only once a week. 

In a final statement, Jack and Javed had this to say, 

“As a locally owned small business, BeHealthy Pharmacy will continue to serve our Stony Plain Road neighbourhood and spread awareness to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are always here to help and will also continue to offer free delivery and curbside pickup to all patients. Remember, we are all in this together!”

BeHealthy Pharmacy is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends from 10 a. m. to 1 p.m.


Phone: 780.444.3381

Thank you to Edmonton’s Nurses!

Relaunch Strategy, Guidelines & BizConnect

The Government of Alberta has put in place a recovery strategy to relaunch our economy. According to the Government of Alberta website, Alberta’s relaunch strategy puts safety first while gradually reopening businesses, resuming activities and getting people back to work. 

While we face a long road to recovery, there are signs our collective efforts are helping slow the spread of COVID-19. We must ensure the sacrifices already made are not wasted. To be successful, we must stay vigilant to slow the spread; follow public health measures, practice physical distancing and good hygiene, and continue acting responsible.


For more information on this Thursday’s relaunch visit this website:

To support businesses reopening during stage one of Alberta’s phased relaunch, the government of Alberta is launching a new resource to help them keep their staff and customers safer. 

This new site will provide business owners with information on health and safety guidelines for general workplaces and sector-specific guidelines for those able to open in stage one of the relaunch to ensure businesses can reopen safely during the pandemic. 

You can visit this site here:


AHS Webinars for Businesses 

Did you know AHS is doing two free webinars to answer questions from businesses who will be opening this week? 

We encourage businesses to register to gain some valuable information and get some questions answered! 

Session 1: Thurs, May, 14 11:00 a.m.

Session 2: Fri, May, 15 2:00 p.m.

Register here:

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